Tribute to King Frederik IX

Kong Frederik IX

We would like to make a tribute and congratulate our former King, King Frederik IX whose star on the night sky turns 121 years today.


“We know our King, we like him, he does not only live in royal castles, he walks among us and speaks our own language”.


On March 11th 1899 27 shots were fired from battery sixtus, and resounding noise resonates all over Copenhagen. The 27 shots are fired when an heir to the throne is born. King Christian X and Queen Alexandrine’s child was born, and Denmark got a new little Crown Prince, Crown Prince Frederik. He was born on the threshold of the 20th century where industrialization is experiencing tremendous growth. It was also a time where Denmark was the capital of Europe’s royal houses.

In 1917 Crown Prince Frederik was 18 years old, and four days before he graduated as a student of new languages he began an education as naval officer at the Royal Danish Naval Academy (breaking with Danish royal tradition by choosing a naval instead of an army career). This education later makes him the first Danish king since Christian IV with a special love for the sea. In 1921 Crown Prince Frederik acquired the rank of Rear Admiral and he has several senior commands on active service. In 1927 he was in command of a navy warship, and so, the alias “the sailor King” was born. He got several tattoos and he was definitely not afraid to show them. He was down to earth but still a statesman and everyone he met respected him.

King Frederik IX had a passion for music and became an excellent conductor, but also a skilled hunter, he was practicing rowing and then he knew all about ferries, locomotives and train schedules as well. A lot of these things had a big impact on why he became The King Of The People. Together with Queen Ingrid and the three princesses, they became a symbol of a Danish wholesome and caring family.

In general the king understood the people better and instead of riding around on a white horse like his father Christian V, he chose to ride a bike among the people in Copenhagen. He managed to bring the monarchy down from its pedestal and to a civilian plan.


“I hope I am able to gain the trust of the people, and the trust they cherished my father with. May God be with Denmark. Long live Denmark”.


In 1947 he became King and from the beginning he was doing a terrific job and putting a great deal of importance into meeting Danes in different contexts. He loved to picture how their live in royal castles and mansions, was nothing more than an enlarged version of a typical Danish house. It was clear he took distance from power, democracy and it radiated out of him that he was The People’s King.


“Whatever you are, first of all be yourself”.


With all our respect and honour we thank our former King for taking down the monarchy from its pedestal. King Frederik IX lived among the Danes and achieved their trust and love. His whole approach and atmosphere is the incentive of Frederik IX Studios. We are fascinated by King Frederik IX’s style and the values he carried in life, and for that reason we think it’s incredibly important to cherish a great personality whose messages have touched us. That’s why we created a brand with a unique story and produce handmade jewellery in the best quality build around and with inspiration from King Frederik IX. Jewellery everyone is able to afford, which is dedicated to the diversity of people who have the sense of detail and finish.


Kong Frederik IX

Kong Frederik IX


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